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Bridge, Duplicate
We have two organized sessions per week: informal and fun party bridge and competitive duplicate bridge. You must be a member to register to play in either session. Please contact us about participating in our fun sessions and receiving information you need to register for a session.
 : Faylene Licter

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Selected Club

Bridge, Duplicate
We have two organized sessions per week: informal and fun party bridge and competitive duplicate bridge. You must be a member to register to play in either session. Please contact us about participating in our fun sessions and receiving information you need to register for a session.
 : Faylene Licter

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Access All Clubs Association
This is the first step in resuming development of this SBR Clubs site, having received most of the answers to questions needed from RCI. Officials of all SBR clubs represented on this SBR Clubs website will be automatic members. The purpose of this association is to collectively take into consideration new feature ideas and to make decisions about clubs that abuse the purpose of this site. Stay tuned for news to be posted in the 'IMPORTANT: READ CLUB NEWS' section above.
 Developer: Ken Gorman


Artist Showcase
Artists of SaddleBrooke Ranch are invited to present samples of their masterpieces on this website to bring to the attention of the community the fine work being produced by our residents. The site provides a convenient means for contacting artists to offer feedback about their art, and if interested, to make arrangement for making a purchase from those artists who offer their work for sale.
 : Ken Gorman

Artists Open Studio
 : Sharon Morey

Basket Weavers
 : Lydia Reichard

 : Linda Strugala

Fine Art Artists
 : Gene Nault

 : Lydia Reichard

Mudslingers Pottery Studio
 : Peg Tomaso

We Be Beaders
We Be Beaders is also known as the SaddleBrooke Ranch Beading Club. Membership is open to all SaddleBrookeRanch residents. Our purpose is to have fun creating jewelry and other objects with beads, yarn, wires and more. Classes are often offered with kits available for purchase.
 : Sharon Marchant

Art, Needle

Clothe Me
 : Jeanelaine Parfet

Machine Embroidery
 : Linda Strugala

Quilting, Ranch Piecemakers
The Ranch Piecemakers quilt group was formed to promote and exchange ideas and develop skills among members, friends and guests who are engaged or interested in quilting and related needlework. In addition, we are committed to providing the warmth and caring of new quilts to people in need. Please join us to learn, create and laugh with other quilters.

Sew What?
 : Linda Shannon-Hills

Stitch n Chat
 : Linda Shannon-Hills

Art, Photo

 : Bob Hills

Bon Appetit

Dining Out Groups
The Restaurant Dining Out Club is open to all SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. The purpose of this club is to provide a way for its members to meet and socialize with other SB Ranch resident-members. The club is ideal for couples as well as single members. There are no membership dues.
 : Linda Harvey

Safe Eating Club
The SAFE EATING Club was started by SaddleBrooke Ranch residents who have food sensitivities, allergies or intolerances.
 : Melanie Ritson
: Tove Pape


Book Club
 : Pauline Albert

Book Exchange
 : Gloria Schick

Non-Fiction Reading Group
 : Kay Lantow

Citizenship & Service

Citizens Awareness Forum
 : Tom Sorensen

Democratic Club
 : Matt Nelson

Law Enforcement Group
 : Chuck Thomas

Republican Club
 : Mary Ann Melhorn

US Marines at SBR

Veterans Club
 : Ken Robinson

Fun & Games

Billiards Club
(No description provided.)
 : Jim Kauffman

Bridge, Duplicate
We have two organized sessions per week: informal and fun party bridge and competitive duplicate bridge. You must be a member to register to play in either session. Please contact us about participating in our fun sessions and receiving information you need to register for a session.
 : Faylene Licter

Bridge, Party
We have two organized sessions per week: informal and fun party bridge and competitive duplicate bridge. You must be a member to register to play in either session. Please contact us about participating in our fun sessions and receiving information you need to register for a session.
 : Jim Volz

 : Tom Ridolfo

Hand & Foot
 : Margie Jacox

Mah Jongg Club
If you are interested in joining our Mah Jongg club, please contact us at our website or use the link below.
 : Betty Pearce

Mahjongg, Learn/Play
 : Traci Dennis

Mahjongg, Mixed
 : Rainie Warner

Mexican Train
 : Zenia Fera

Pegs & Jokers
The game that's sweeping the country! Now at SaddleBrooke Ranch. This captivating social game is easy to learn, packed with surprises, encourages strategies and team play -- and is always fun with LOTS OF LAUGHS AND GROANS. We play every Thursday except the fourth Thursday of each month at 6pm in La Mesa Room. Game On!
 Co-Organizers: Ken Gorman
Co-Organizers: Joe & Sherry Brinster

 : Ross & Florence Messer

Trivia Club
Team Trivia is for SaddleBrooke Ranch Residents and their house guests, as well as Robson Preferred Guests. A team consists of at least 2 and not more than 4 players. The teams can stay together from week to week. Drop-ins are welcome to come as few or as many times during the month as they are able.
 : Steve Groth

Health & Fitness

Running Group
 : Betty Schaefer

Wellness Roundup
 : Linda Shannon-Hills

Helping Hands

Cancer Support Group
 : Sandy Jessop

Coping with Loss
 : Linda Shannon-Hills

Gathering Hearts
 : Carol Smith

I Wish
The purpose of 'I Wish' is to connect SBR residents who would appreciate some help with other residents who are willing to lend their neighbors a hand. If you would like help, use the My Wish page to submit your wish. An email will go out over night to everyone who has signed up to offer help. If you want to know when help is needed, sign up for email alerts.
 : Tove Pape


Gardeners Exchange
 : Zann Wilson

Paper Crafting & Scrapbooking
 : Cheri Utsler

Wild Wonderful Weavers
 : Camille de la Torre

WoodWorkers Club
The Saddlebrooke Ranch Woodworkers Club (SBRWWC) was established to manage all aspects of the woodshop from safety to continued operation through maintenance and acquisition of equipment and to provide necessary shop supplies. This club consists of people the have a desire to create something from wood but require assistance getting started all the way to those that have a high degree of woodworking skills.
 : Jeff Hansen

Out & About

Armchair Travel
 : Carol Fielding

Bike Riding
 : Ray Malaski

Classic Car Club
 : Steve LeBrecht

Horseback Riding Group
The Horseback Riding Group is for those who would like to see the Tucson area's most beautiful landscapes without having to walk it themselves. We take trail rides at a variety of local stables. The rides are at a walk, just to enjoy the beautiful scenery with other horse loving friends.
 : Rebecca Williams

Ranch Riders Motorcyle Club
The purpose of the Ranch Riders Motorcycle Club is to promote responsible motorcycling activities for the residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch who enjoy the adventure and freedom of riding of motorcycles on the open road. The group enjoys local scenic back road cruises, outings exploring more of Arizona, and overnight adventures around the southwest. A variety of rides are organized for all skill levels.
 : Ron Knapp

Performing Arts

Ranch Players


Chamber Theater is a small group of actors usually performing in a room rather than onstage. It has an intimate feel that allows the audience to be drawn the into the action. There can be narration. The actors keep their scripts in their hands as they perform. No memorization is required! No matter how much or how little theatrical experience you may have, The Ranch Players offers something for you. Our goal is to present quality plays while giving Ranch members opportunities to participate in all aspects of theater - acting, voice coaching, directing, writing, producing, staging, light and sound design and production. Don't miss the fun!
 : Josephine Zara
: Michael Duwe
: Consuelo Melhuish

Pets, Vets & More

We are all about all topics relevant to pets, from health care to safety to events and grooming, and more. The PetWise website has categories of articles and news to simplify your search for helpful information. Click title of articles or to relevant websites including those in our resources list. The website is operated by a staff of unpaid volunteers specializing in various topic areas. PetWise is the brainchild of its publisher, Linda Gorman.
 : Linda Gorman

Song & Dance

Dance Club
The SBR Dance Club was established to provide an opportunity for SBR residents to come together in a relaxed social setting during scheduled times with an open dance floor to learn, practice, and enjoy dancing. You do no need to know how to dance.
 : Dan Smejkal

Rancheros Square Dance Club
If you can walk, you can square dance. Square dance is FITNESS at its best. With square dancing, you are exercising the brain and the body simultaneously. You are getting a real work out without even realizing it because it is so much fun. For more information, dates and times, please email Don Williams.
 : Don Williams
: Barb Sullenger
: Rebecca Williams

Western Dance Group
 : Bill Henderson


Golf, Couples Golf
 : Paul Knott

Golf, Lady Niners
The Lady Niners is a casual group intended to provide a way to playgolf in a relaxed environment. Although there are no dues, by-lawsor officers, participants may be asked to volunteer for events and outings in the community. Additionally, from time to time, we are invited to participate in events sponsored by other groups in the area. Both are excellent ways to meet other golfers and further experience the social aspects of our community and the game of golf.
 : Janice Neal

Golf, Men's Golf Association
This is the SaddleBrooke Ranch Men's Golf Association Website. Guests are welcome to browse. This site is for all SBRMGA needs including tournament and non-tournament information, newsletters, by-laws, member information, posting scores, links to Chelsea and AGA, pace of play tips, local rules and much more.
 : Tim McCauley

Golf, Ranchette Putters
This group is a pleasant social group whose aim is to make new friends, have fun, enjoy the outdoors and improve putting skills. For those interested in competition, weekly, monthly, and annual prizes are given.
 : Nancy Galant

Golf, Sundowners Men's 9-Hole
 : Les Brown

Golf, Women's Golf Association
We are a group of women who love the game of golf and play every Tuesday morning. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to enjoy golf and compete in a friendly manner, while building friendships and having fun!
 : Jean Cheszek

Pickleball Association
We welcome all SaddleBrooke Ranch residents and renters to use the pickleball facilities, participate in coaching sessions for new players, and join our club. We also welcome guests and family members of our residents to use the courts during non-scheduled Club time.
 President: Ron Green
Membership Committee: Membership Contact

Table Tennis Association
Join us for casual games of table tennis. We play both doubles and singles. Skill levels range from 'I played a long long time ago' to pretty snappy. Sometimes we get serious and have a cardiovascular workout, sometimes we just practice doing weird shots, sometimes we quit early and head off to the Bistro for a beer. But we always have fun and laugh a lot.
 President: Tom Reuter
Vice President: John Hess
Secretary/Treasury: Lowell Sletten

Tennis Association
The purpose of SBR Tennis is to stimulate and maintain interest in tennis at SaddleBrooke Ranch; to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among the members; and to enhance the social and recreational lives of SaddleBrooke Ranch property owners and their guests. All levels of skill are accommodated. Additional activities are planned to enhance the tennis experience at SBR. These activities include exhibition tennis, clinics, group or private lessons, mixed doubles, round robin tournaments and socials.
 President: Susan Pharr
Vice President: Lee Stastny
Secretary: Daniel Smejkal

Trap Shooting
 : Jim Jensen

States of Previous Existence

California Club
If you have ever lived in California, this Club is for you! We meet on a quarterly basis to get together and have a great time. We've done themed Happy Hours at the Bistro, a country western-themed BBQ night at Cadillac Chaparral, an evening at the Gaslight Theater just to name a few.
 : Deena Robinson

Colorado Club
Social gatherings are planned for once a quarter at neighbor's homes. Other joint activities will be planned between times, such as watching Bronco games together at the Oracle Inn, going to Rockie's Baseball games with the Arizona Diamondbacks or sports games with Colorado university teams and the University of Arizona.
 : Linda Shannon-Hills

Illinois Club
Our Illinois Club, formed in February, 2018, invites all former residents of Illinois residing in SaddleBrooke Ranch to join our group. The only requirement is that either you or your spouse must have lived in Illinois at one time. We meet quarterly to eat, drink, gab and get to know each other while pursuing an activity such as a picnic, progressive dinner, theater night, Cubs/Sox/Bears game at a pizza restaurant, holiday party or a barbeque.
 : Carolee Bailey
: Dianne Johns

Minnesota Club
 : Jan Storey

New England Club
 : Linda Harvey

New York New Jersey Club
The SaddleBrooke Ranch New York New Jersey Club, was founded in 2017. Its purpose is for former residents of these states to enjoy events and activities together in a social setting while embracing the culture, diversity and people from this area. Singles and couples are welcome. We mostly like to eat and talk.
 : Kim Schweitzer

Pacific Northwest Club
We welcome any of you who have ever lived in: Alaska, BC, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana. We invite you to join us for gatherings scattered throughout the year that will bring us together to get to know one another better and give us the opportunity to socialize and root for our favorite teams
 : Corine Sturdivant

Studies & Research

Bible Study
 : Judy Smith

Great Courses
 : Ross Messer

Oracle Dark Sky Committee
 : Chip Parfet

Outside The Box
 : Ross Messer

Ranch Open Learning Environment
 : Ross Messer

Ranch Roots Genealogy Club
Come and be encouraged by the fellowship of our members and join us as we share our successes and challenges in genealogy, searching for our ancestors and preserving our family stories. Whatever your level in doing genealogy, just beginning your research or those who have a great deal of experience, you will enjoy being in a group where your excitement is appreciated!
 : Pegg Ridolfo

Thursday Talks
 : Linda Shannon-Hills


Technology Club
Learn - Share – Teach. We cover a broad scope of technology from phones to computers to iPads to smart home devices, and we welcome a broad scope of experience. Come join us!
 : Larry Schweitzer


Test on 216
Just test club creation, and edited
 chief honcho: KCG
dead: richard nixon


Testing club site formation process
 developer: KG

This & That

Linda Club
The only qualification for the Linda club is that your first name is Linda. What do we do? What ever we want. But mostly lunch and laughter. Submit the email form below to Linda Harvey, organizer and chairperson of the club, to get welcomed into the club.
 : Linda Harvey

Sandy Club
 : Sandy Seay

Shalom Club
The Shalom Club is dedicated to the enrichment of Jewish life for SaddleBrooke Ranch residents. Various events and activities will be designed to connect Jews of all backgrounds, their spouses, partners, and friends who are interested in living a contemporary Jewish life. Our goal is to create a warm and welcoming environment in our community that builds strong relationships, celebrates together, and supports each other in times of need.
 : Leslie Gordon

Singles Club
The objective of the Singles Club is to foster and promote leisure, social, and cultural interests for the single residents of our community. Activities might include dinners around town, cookouts at members' homes, wine tastings, plays, trips, and picnics to name a few. The limitations for the club are the members must be single and must live in Saddlebrooke Ranch.
 : Jan Martin

The Women's Club luncheons are a great way to get to know your neighbors. All female residents in the community are invited to join. Luncheons are held on the second Monday of the months September through June. Several times a year, guest speakers from our area are invited to share their knowledge and talents with us. The club also works with local shops to host fun fashion shows once a year.
 : Marian Bianchini

Writing For Publication Group
Our goal: to become published authors by improving our writing via oral and written critiques. Due to the time to critique and discuss manuscript submissions, the membership is limited.
 : Barb Miller

Writing Guild
Do you want to write stories about your life experiences, family or career? Or even a memoir? If you need a nudge or want to improve your writing skills, please consider joining this friendly and supportive group. We are currently welcoming new members. We meet at 1:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month in the La Vista Room.
 : Nancy Ferris
: Tove Pape

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