New York New Jersey Club Events

Event 1
Bocce Outing November 14th Everyone - we sent out an email in early September concerning future activities for the Fuhgeddaboutit Club. At that time a golf outing was suggested. The feedback from members was that a more inclusive event would draw more participants. As a result, a new event instead is being planned for Friday, November 14th. The Fuhgeddaboutit Club will be hosting a Bocce Outing from 4:00-5:30 pm at the Saddlebrooke HOA1 bocce courts, followed by dinner at Vitello's Italian restaurant in Catalina. There isn't any cost for the use of the courts. We can have active play for up to 32 participants at a time, and can rotate players through. Bring your own beverage of choice during play if you wish. Light snacks will be supplied. Since rolling bocce balls in sand courts is an easy play, we encourage everyone to come out, even just to watch and cheer on your friends. We would like a response from you as to playing bocce, and also if you wish to dine at Vitell

Event 2
Holiday Event - December 14 a club dinner is scheduled from 5:00-7:30 pm at the Hacienda Club in the La Mesa room with open bar at the Bistro. Cost is $16.00 per person for the buffet dinner. Any questions or RSVP to attend contact Eric Boulter at

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