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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

05 May 2017 08:15
Tasha and Rocco: A Day in the Life of Royalty 
photo'My name is Tasha and my brother's name is Rocco. We are Coton de Tulears, the Royal Dog of Madagascar. We were bred to be the companions of European Aristocrats. I am a Princess. I live a life of Royalty.

I have a Hair Stylist that keeps my long beautiful flowing locks in perfect color and shape. My Stylist also keeps my nails perfectly trimmed and gives me a massage and bath so I am suited to sit on the Royal Throne.

Rocco is my friend and protector. He taps on our servant's leg when we want to go to the park. Sir Greg brings the cart around and drives us to the place with lush green grass where we love to explore and look for lizards, birds and bunnies. Before we are escorted to the park, Sir Greg scouts out the area to be sure we are alone. We cannot mingle with the Peasant Pets. They may have fleas and ticks or they may get rough and want to play. I am a Princess. I always stay pretty and prim and I always have my body guard to keep me safe.

Last week we had a very close call. There was a knock on the door. I hid while Sir Greg and Rocco answered the door. It was a secret agent in a mysterious dark truck grasping a sinister brown wrapped package. Rocco jumped from the floor and looked him right in the eyes. "Woof, Woof, Woof. State your business" he said. "We have a Princess inside."

This spy was dressed in dark brown clothing and wore a cap with the secret code letters, UPS. He pulled out a device that looked like a gun when Lady Debra cried from behind, "Rocco come here!" He turned and jumped into her arms and was saved from the villain. Sir Greg signed some secret papers, and the spy disappeared into his big mean van.

"Where are you Tasha" Rocco barked. I pranced out from under the chair, "Woof, Woof, Woof, I am a Princess. I am not afraid." I straightened my pearls as we licked each other, and we both settled down for a long deserved nap in our fur lined Royal Thrones…