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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

11 Jun 2017 14:39
Mr. Finn and Jack Rabbit 
photoMy name is Finn. Mr. Finn or Finnie to friends. I am a handsome standard poodle with pure white curly locks and big brown eyes.

I love the Ranch life where I get to meet lots of new friends. The Canine Corral is my favorite place to sniff and schmooze. Milo is my sidekick. He lives next door. We love to meet in the backyard for a sip of tea and a biscuit. Here he comes now...

"Hey Milo what's new?"

"Wow! Did you see that, did you see that, did you see that Mr. Finn? Here he comes again. He is huge with big long ears, a fluffy white tail and look at him go!"

Mr. Finn is all ears. "That, Milo, is Jack Rabbit." "Gee Mr. Finn, do you think, do you think he can come to play, huh, huh?" "Milo, if we could lure him into the backyard, he would be mighty good eatin'." "He's too big to eat, Mr. Finn. He is big enough to eat me, little old Milo!" "No, Milo, rabbits eat carrots, leafy greens, and they like green beens like I do. I don't think we are on his menu."

"Milo, come and play, I will share my Flossie with you, my favorite braided toy. Stop barking at Jack Rabbit or Mommy Sharon will give us time out under the desk and we won't be able to go the park."

Jack Rabbit scurried away, and we settled down for a nap. But I could see that Milo had one eye open.

"Do you think Jack Rabbit will be at the park today, Mr. Finn?" "No Milo, they do not allow rabbits in the park."

"OH! What a shame, Mr. Finn..."