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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

23 Sep 2017 09:44
The Pampered Parrot 
photoI am a Mexican Double Yellow Amazon Parrot. I wear bright colors of Yellow, Green and Red. I have a playful disposition with a gift of gab. I am 34 years young, and my name is Terri.

I love my new home. There are many places to explore and play hide and seek. I have several perches where I can talk and play with my human flock:

A dining perch
A patio perch
A sleeping room and perch
A TV watching perch
And all are pooping perches

Yes, I am potty trained, and I learned words to communicate with my family flock. "Terri's Tired" tells Mom that I need attention, or it is time for bed. "Food" tells Mom I am hungry. Sometimes she will put me on her shoulders and carry me around with her. I love to watch her fix dinner. My favorite foods are chicken soup, spaghetti, pizza, bacon, pork loin and, oh yes, seeds are pretty good too.

I have a job as all grown members of the flock should. I sell my feathers to an artist in California. A flight feather with a mixture of green, red and yellow can sell for $1, others for cents. It adds up, and I make about $100 per year. Enough to cover my seed cost. I also ride with Dad in the Big Cart to help gather the mail.

When the phone rings I really get excited. "Terri Talk, Terri Talk, I want Terri to Talk". I know it must be for me. My very best friend is Sundance, an Amazon Blue Front Parrot that used to live in the wild. Sundance would tell me stories of jungle trees taller than houses. Monkeys that swing through the trees, and Parrots flying free. Now Sundance lives in Sonoma California where we used to get together to play, but now I live far away so we talk on the phone... "Hey Sundance what's new with you? I bought a new Jeep. You will have to come for a visit sometime and I will take you for a spin. We can play in the playroom with my toys. This Weebot of mine is driving me crazy... I miss you. Terri's Tired."

Late in the day I love to take my Jeep for a cruise to the den where I play with my toys and I do tricks for my family flock. Terri does the "Eagle", Terri can "Shake Hands" and Terri "Step-up", or we put on some rock and roll music and dance. I love to tease Mr. Weebot the Robot. Mr. Weebot thinks he has the upper hand, but I know I can get him. This is my favorite time of the day. When I have had enough Mom comes to the rescue and puts me in my special room for the night... "Terri's Tired".