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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

07 Mar 2019 14:56
Puddin' Pie 
photoMy name is Puddin’ Pie. Sometimes I’m called Woody, Buffy, or with a stern voice, NoNo Bad Dog! I really prefer Puddin’ for short. I am an apricot Pug (large boned). I weigh all of 24 pounds on my way to 22 pounds. Mom says I am on a gradual diet. I hope that means gradually more treats.

I love to search for fun things to play with. Some of my favorite toys are Hedgie, Ratso, Lambie, Balls, Bones and, did I mention Sticks? All sticks but mostly edible sticks. Rawhide Chews and Nyla Bones are my favorites, but any ol’ stick will do. When Aunt Anne comes to visit, she always sneaks a stick or two into her suitcase. I love when Auntie visits. I get lots of attention and she knows what I like!

When I get bored with toys I visit the laundry room and sniff out the most aromatic thing and take it for a spin around the house. Mom usually catches me before I get a chance to chew, but I keep trying.

I found a small room that has a roll of paper on the wall. It is just the right height to reach the end of the roll. When I pulled it out, it left ribbons of soft white paper behind, but before I had a chance to play with it, I hear “NoNo Bad Dog”, one of my names, coming from the kitchen. I thought it was just for me!

I remember a time when we were visiting Aunt Anne. I was waiting patiently watching her get ready for the day when I saw something hit the floor. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to snatch it up and make a mad dash around the house. Before I got too far, I tripped over a clothes hanger. It slowed me down a bit and Mom caught up to me yelling, “NoNo Bad Dog”. Aunt Anne was yelling, “Puddin’— you took my Bra!” Mom says it cost us a gift certificate for Auntie to Victoria Secrets. Do you think they have doggie bones there?

I think I hear Dad starting up my Go Cart. I love to ride in the Go Cart. I hope we are going to the Canine Corral where I can play and meet new friends. Puppies or people, new friends or old, I love them all. Buttons, Sofie, and River are my neighborhood friends. Moose and Fonzie are my Pug friends. My “littlest” friend, the Great Dane Wrigley, and I celebrated our second birthdays together.

A trip to the dog park wears me out. I snuggle with Dad on a blanket waiting for Mom to fix me dinner. If I think she forgot, I jump on the back of her legs or I stare at Dad ’til I get their attention. After dinner I lay in the back yard on our (fake) grass watching the sun set and listening to the birds. I love the Ranch life.

It’s time to snuggle in my Pink Puddin’ Bed. Have a Good Night!

Puddin’ Pie