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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

25 Aug 2019 06:10
Sweet Elena 
photoMy name is Elena. I am a German Shepherd with mostly black fur, tan feet and big brown eyes.

German Shepherds are bred as working dogs in Germany. We are smart, loyal, agile, strong, courageous, and active. We are born with a double coat of fur to keep us warm in the winter. We shed this undercoat of fur during the summer months to make us cool. We need brushing daily to keep shedding under control.

Because German Shepherds are athletic and energetic, we need a high protein diet. I love chicken, turkey, beef and salmon. We also need long walks and plenty of play time for our health and happiness. My favorite sport is chasing the tennis ball. Daddy Joe will throw the ball as far as he can, and I run and run and run to catch it again and again until I get tired and have to rest.

Daddy Joe and Linda have been my human family since I was 9 weeks old. I was born in a doggie kennel with other German Shepherds. When I was old enough to be adopted into a Forever Home, they dressed us with different colored ribbons. My ribbon was pink. I knew I had to be friendly and show off my athletic ability. I love to play ball. Even as a puppy I would fetch any ball that would fit into my mouth. I would shake and shake and fetch it again and again. When I was tired, I would hold the ball between my paws and take a nap.

I tend to be protective and jealous of other dogs, but I am a natural athlete. Daddy Joe and Mom Linda saw my love of ball catching and chose me to be their canine companion. It was love at first sight.

Everything was great, until...

“Elena, we are going to the store and we’ll be right back.”

OH NO! I hate it when they leave me alone. I always want to be by their side. Oh Well! I will just turn on the big screen and watch my favorite show, “Doggie Land”, until they return. Now I know that remote … is here … somewhere. Not on the chair. Not on the sofa. There it is on the table! I can reach it if I stand on my back tippy toes and try to reach…, I’ve got it. I see Daddy Joe use this every day. Let’s see… push, push, bite, shake, shake. Why does this not work? I just want to see my doggie shows. “OOPS!” I dropped it and it shattered into pieces. I’m in trouble now…. I better hide under this chair and wait ‘til they get home.

I covered my ears but I still could hear the garage door open. Dad walked in with his hands full and stepped right on the broken remote.

“ELENA! What did you do? BAD DOG!”

They ushered me outside until they finished unpacking the car. Then I was put into my crate for the rest of the day. I never tried to use the remote again. Smart Dog!

I love to learn new tricks. I can sit and lay down on command or sometimes I sit when they say lay down or lay down when they say sit but I would always get special treats after dinner. Daddy Joe would put three vanilla wafers on the living room coffee table. When he gave me the signal I would eat just one of the wafers. I would sit and wait for his signal, then I could eat the second wafer. Sit, watch for signal and I got the last wafer. Sometimes we would have visitors and Dad loved to show them my new tricks. I love getting the attention and having all eyes on me.

I am now a senior doggie. I am slowing down a bit. I don’t run as fast or catch the ball as I used to. I take lots of naps during the day and look forward to those treats. I will always protect my family from nasty humans and other dogs. This is my job. I love my family and my life. I am very grateful for all that we have shared…