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25 Sep 2016 08:27
Eight Tips to Choosing a Groomer 
photoAs a parent of two fur babies (perhaps a very protective one), I want to be the best at taking care of them. Since one of my sweet peas struts around with a beautiful cocker cut, it is really important for me to have her groomed monthly. But how do I find a suitable groomer? Here are some things that I found helpful in addition to asking other pet owners for their recommendations:

1. Experienced and licensed ( although some states don't require certifications) is always a factor and is the groomer familiar with your dog's breed . . . every breed has different types of coats . . . knowing that your groomer has worked with your particular breed can be very helpful.

2. Will your dog be in a crate while waiting to be groomed? It is important to take a look at the crates used and how clean they are and if there are crates of different sizes to accommodate all. Also it is important to know if someone will be taking the time to check on your pet while in the crate. Being properly supervised is always something to think about.

3. What will your groomer do if your fur baby displays anxiety and fear about getting groomed. Always discuss any behavioral issues that your dog may have . . . perhaps a mobile groomer might be a better way to go. Knowing that your pet will be the only one getting groomed may eliminate lots of stress for your sweet pea.

4. How long will your dog have to be at the groomers? If your appointment is for 9 am, will your dog still be there at 3 pm? I personally want my dogs to be taken when they get there so that they don't have to spend the entire day away from me . . . pretty much like a hair salon for humans.

5. Yes, ask if you can come and watch while other dogs get groomed! Seeing for yourself will probably make you a lot less anxious about the process.

6. Types of shampoos may be important for you to ask about since some of our pets have allergies. If you have a specific product that you want used, how flexible will this groomer be in accommodating you?

7. Also, price may influence your decision . . . some pricing may include things you don't particularly want for your pet. Asking ahead of time about what exactly is included in the price you are quoted will avoid any misunderstandings.

8. Finally — Absolutely, Pawsitively Important — go with your gut! If you are having some reservations look for another place . . . the grooming experience needs to be a good fit for you and your fur baby!!

by Florence Messer, Saddlebrooke Ranch Resident and Dog Lover
Graphic Art by Florence Messer