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04 Nov 2016 17:13
Plan Ahead for a Safe Thanksgiving 
If you're planning a Thanksgiving get-together at your home, you'll want to take precautions to keep your cat safe during the festivities. Following are some of the dangers the holiday can pose to your cat.

Cut Flowers, Plants, and Bouquets

Bouquets of cut flowers make beutiful centerpieces and decorations for a Thanksgiving celebration. Unfortunately, many of the most beautiful plants and flowers are also quite deadly to cats. Lilies are a prime example. All parts of any of lilies are toxic to your cat and can be fatal even in very small doses.

Candles and Fireplaces

Curious cats may burn themselves on open flames, such as those found in candles or open fireplaces and they can also pose a fire hazard should your cat accidentally knock over a candle or pull burning embers out of the fireplace.


Potpourri contains herbs and oils that may be toxic to your cat if ingested. Keep them out of your cat's reach.

Table Foods

While some cats may do fine with foods from the table, others may be more sensitive and may become ill. There are some foods that are toxic to your cat. Use caution and make sure your guests know what, if anything, they are allowed to feed your cat as well. Be especially cautious with turkey bones.

Strings and Other Linear Foreign Bodies

Strings and other similar types of linear foreign bodies (ribbons, thread, etc.) can cause serious problems for your cat. These items can become caught in the intestinal tract, sometimes causing serious damage. At Thanksgiving-time, special dangers exist in the form of the strings that are commonly found securing your holiday turkey or ham. These items can be especially tempting to your cat because they retain the odor from the food.


Your Thanksgiving celebration may find you welcoming a group of people into your home. Your cat may take this opportunity to slip out the door unnoticed, or visitors may not realize that your cat is not allowed outdoors. Let your guests know that your cat should remain indoors. In case of escape, make sure your cat is wearing a collar or harness with an identification tag.


Cats can be easily stressed or become anxious with changes in routine. Because stress can cause disease for your cat, take steps to minimize the stress for your cat. Make sure your cat has a private area,

Proper Planning Will Save the Day

With a little common sense planning your cat can stay healthy and also enjoy the festivities of Thanksgiving.

Provided by Arlene Wong, Founder & Pet Sitter, Loving Pet Care
Excerpts from PetMD