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There are a number of ways you can participate to add value to PetWise and support you regarding your pet needs and issues:

NEW! Communicate with the PetWise Network! Use the simple entry form on the home page (we just need a title, your name, and your comment). Your item will be posted on the PetWise Chat Channel for all to see. Share stories, ask for advice and recommendations -- whatever you want to say. Others in the community are likely to respond. Please be pithy. :-)

★ If you come across an interesting article or news item that you think we should see, we encourage you to send us the link to that material.

★ We are happy to receive original articles or news from you that you think deserve inclusion in PetWise.

★ Have some cute photos of Fido for Fifi? Send them to us, and we'll consider them for our 'photo ticker' at the top of this page. We might decide to start a gallery of photos if we get enough submissions. Have a video of some fantastic trick or just cute behavior? Let us take a look.

★ Have you had an excellent experience with a pet-related business that you think we should include in the Resources section? Let us know by sending the name of the business and include your comment about them.