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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

28 Sep 2018 14:02
Riverdog - River for short 
photoHi- I am Riverdog. River for short. I grew up on the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs, a ski area in Colorado. The snow is okay and in the summer I got to swim almost every day. I’m not like the labs and other crazy water dogs though. I am much calmer and more attentive, and I don’t chase tennis balls around the back yard. I have a special purpose...
It all started when I was born from the blend of a King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon, a new breed called a Cavichon. That helped me become more than just another hyper allergenic non-shedding white dog. I am very calm, passive, and I pay attention.

I am told that I am very, very smart! So smart in fact, that I get to have a special job- serving my master. About seven years ago Kelly, my master, determined that I could help and protect her from having life threatening problems from diabetes. So when I was three, we travelled to Oregon for some special training. For three months I was taught to detect with my excellent sense of smell the strange odors that are often emitted by humans having insulin reactions.

My job is actually pretty easy. If I sense any of these funny smells I start making a fuss to alert Kelly or my other master, Tom. They know what to do when this happens, and I am glad I can help. I even get to wear a special uniform. It says I am a Service Dog and I get to go everywhere!

I have been to Canada, Mexico, St Croix, Hawaii, and all over the U.S. My favorite spots are camping in Colorado and playing in the water at our houseboat at Lake Powell, UT. I don’t like flying in airplanes. Although I get to ride in the cabin, there isn’t much leg room anymore. Those airport indoor bathrooms are strange too. Nothing beats real grass when a girl has to go!

Now our family has moved to Saddlebrooke Ranch. I hear dogs howling every night that I am told are Coyotes. They seem friendly but I have been instructed not to play with them. I have also been trained to stay away from rattlesnakes. Yikes! But, I am excited to be here. They have a dog park that is absolutely fantastic, and I have more dog friends than I can count. Almost every day I get lots of attention from players at the pickleball courts, and I even get to go to the swimming pool. Kelly is a master swimmer and I need to be there and be alert.

I just visited the new Ranch House. It’s a really nice place with good food. I know because my masters brought home a tasty doggy bag for me. Last Sunday I got to go golfing. I heard the course needs work, but I love riding in the golf cart. My favorite thing to do is ride on the back of my master’s electric bike. We go all over SBR. There are great trails and back roads. Wave if you see me, I am the little white dog on the back of the big yellow bike. What a great place to live!

Bio by Master Tom