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Spotlight articles are written by the PetWise editor based on information provided by pet owners responding to a questionaire provided by the editor. The articles are from the perspective of the pet. Enjoy!

06 Jun 2019 15:13
Keli and Friends 
photoMy name is Keli. Sometimes I’m called “Smelly Keli.” I am an Australian Shepard (Aussie) with a white and black coat. We have an oily coat from being outdoors herding. The oily fur gives off a unique odor. I prefer “Keli Belly.” I love belly rubs.

I have distinctive double colored eyes. Brown on top and blue on the bottom. Very striking, if I do say so myself.

We Aussies are energetic, smart, athletic, hardy, and protective. Our nature is to round up and protect the herd. We need a good balance of physical and mental exercise to be happy. I have been taught to sit, lay down, stay, shake, roll over, dance in circles, as well as sit up and pose.

I dance in circles when I need to go out. I get attention by mind-melding. I sit and stare unblinkingly until you notice me. It works every time but don’t tell mom and dad.

My favorite thing to do is run off leash at the beach and hang with the family while camping. There I get to run wild and play free.

Long ago, when I was very young, I was a surrender pound dog scheduled to be destroyed after I nipped at a volunteer. They mistook it for a bite. However, nipping is what I do as a natural instinct for herding. I was fortunately turned over to a private rescue foundation, and that is where I met my Forever Family. I was six months old.

I had two roommates. One cat named Kona and the other cat was Kito. They were best buds. Kona followed Kito everywhere.

One day Kito had an accident and didn’t come home. Kona was lost and very sad. She really missed Kito. All of a sudden I noticed a little fuzzy shadow behind me. I looked up at mom, with my big sad eyes, asked ”REALLY? Now, I am her best friend!” What a revolting development this is…

“WHOA, listen! Is that water I hear? It can’t be. Oh, not again!” I’ve got to hide. Behind the chair. Behind the sofa. “Look out, coming through!” As I sink lower and lower I try to get as small as I could and maybe disappear into the rug.

Then I hear, “Keli, pepperoni treat.” I know they are trying to trick me. A treat for a bath. I just can’t resist. I love pepperoni treats.

“Keli, come, pepperoni.” My mind says “Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go!”

“But Pepperoni?” I popped up my head, and they got me. Oh well, I am less smelly, and I got some pepperoni. What could be better!

One day long ago while I was waiting for mom and dad to come home, I noticed a dog in the distance. I barked but he kept on going. I really wanted to play and run. So I put my nose under the gate and popped it off the hinges. I caught up to the stray, but he was not in the mood to play. When mom and dad came home they were not pleased.

I pleaded, “But mom, I just wanted a friend to play with. Kona and Kito never come out to play with me.” It took two people to replace the gate. Kito and Kona were watching from the window.

Speaking of Kona, where is that furry little thing? “Kona, Kona”, sniff, sniff, “where are you? Mom told me you went over the rainbow to be with Kito. But you have got to be here somewhere!”

I am now a senior citizen, and as I look back, there are things I wish I didn’t do and kitties I wish I was nicer to. But now, I cherish every day and every bite of pepperoni.