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SBR Clubs

Click the blue Club ID button to open the club site. Those without buttons, if any, do not have an accessible website. However, if the Club ID is a link (red font), clicking it will open an email form addressed to the club leader to facilitate making contact with the club.

AACT .. Access Amenities, Clubs and Teams
DUPLICATEBRIDGE .. Bridge, Duplicate
HORSEBACKRIDING .. Horseback Riding Group
PARTYBRIDGE .. Bridge, Party
SQUAREDANCE .. Rancheros Square Dance Club
WOODWORKERS .. WoodWorkers Club

SBR Private Clubs

Now available! Includes clubs internal to SBR that are private, i.e., not generally open to all SBR residents. Click the 'Contact Webmaster' bar below to discuss the opportunity about new modular configurable sites, possibly as an extension of your current on-line presence, featured for SBR organizations of any kind.

Clubs Beyond SBR

Coming soon. Reside outside SBR? This is for you. Will include inter-community clubs as well as private and publc clubs completely outside SBR. Click the 'Contact Webmaster'bar below to learn about the broader plans. Teaser: A new domain name has already been purchased for this, because the offering goes beyond Saddlebrook Ranch.

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About the "Access All Clubs and Teams" Association™


This website, named the "Access All Clubs and Teams" (AACT) Association™ ", is home of SaddleBrooke Ranch clubs (SBR Clubs™). In other words, it is an association of the club officials of SBR Clubs™ formed to offer features and services to clubs to drive their online presentation of their clubs and provide features to operate their clubs and communicate with their members, all resulting in a great User Experience and efficient method for operating clubs.

Pressentation in Columns

This AACT site presents information in two columns for big screen devices (e.g., computers, tablets and smartphones held in the landscape orientation), and in a single column for small screen devices (e.g.. smartphones held in the portrait orientation). The design is "responsive" meaning that the site will automatic switch the presentation between the two presentation schemes by automatically, and in real time, detecting whether the device is big screen or small screen.

Elements Positions on Page

AACT implements a stratgery for presenting elements on the screen in single column format wherein the stack of elements seen in two column presentation are shown with the more important or frequently used elements higher on the screen, instead of just stacking the left column on the right column to come up with a single column.

About Tiles, Widgets, Icons and Buttons

Users of this SBR Clubs site have rapid access to clubs' websites of interest by clicking a club Tile in the Quick Pick a Club section of the website, or finding clubs by using the Browse By Category features and clicking a club tile therein. Tiles are always square, rounded corners graphics depicting the club, like this:

Members of AACT also find the tiles for their six most recently visited club sites in the Express Site Access feature. This feature greatly reduces the need to search for a club tile in an array of all club tiles.

When a club tile is clicked, a summary description of the club is presented along with one or more "widget" icons that provide direct access to particular points of interest pertaining to club websites, including email widgets to contact club officials. This arrangement greatly reduces the degree of navigation often being used on traditional websites. Widgets are small graphical elements that depict the widget function, like this:

Buttons invoke features of this AACT site. Buttons are always shown as text on blue background rectangles, like this:

About "Restart"

The site includes a handy "Restart" button one can use to reinstate the initial condition of the website, but without logging you out, no matter where you are on the site. This includes revealing the top matter of the website (banner photo, etc) that appears when you first enter the site and that is hidden when using the site to get it out of your way.

Access from the SBR HOA Site

The SBR HOA website links to this AACT site to present all Saddlebrooke Ranch clubs (including associations, groups, activities, and similar terms denoting organizations) to all residents and the general public.

For "Access All Clubs and Teams" Association Visitors and Members

About Being a Member of AACT

As an association (aka club), one can become a member. Those who choose to be members of AACT will enjoy single-click access to club sites using their personal Express Site Access set of clubs, maintained on a unique personal basis for all members. This is in addition to the Quick Pick a Club and Browse by Category methods the general public uses. The Most Frequently Visited Sites feature greatly speeds up selecting a club and opening the club's website with one click, skipping over the summary description stage.

How to Become a Member

To become a member, click the Log In menu item at the top of the page. The window that opens presents a log in panel for those who already are members, a summary description of the benefits of membership, and a form to request membership.

For Club Officials as "ClubMasters"

What's a ClubMaster?

Club officials (those that operate clubs) can become ClubMasters. As a ClubMaster, you are provided the means to create and manage custom websites -- without writing any code. A wide range of configurable feature tools (application-specific "widgets") are installed, without you lifting a finger, based on what widgets you want. Widgets include club contact email forms, photo galleries, video channels, weekly planning schedules optionally linking to resource reservations (aka sign-up) sheets specific to the weekly planning schedule entries, industry-compliant news feeds, chat channels, libraries (document storage), and more.

How to Become a ClubMaster

There are no prerequites to starting a club site. Any SBR resident can start a club site on AACT.

Click the "Menu" button in the button strip at the top of the page. A panel will open from the left and reveal, among other things, the "Club Site Generation" feature. Open it to discover how to start and manage your club. You will be directed to the relevant pages for filling out forms that describe and control your club site.

Large or Small? You Choose

Sites within SBR Clubs are in most cases created as traditional websites for the clubs; in other cases, simply comprise special documents (e.g., PDF files) and tools that provide information about the club and ways to interact with the club. Finally, a club on SBR Clubs may choose to link to an existing club website or to a web-based serviceoffering utilities of interest. You choose, based on your knowledge of your audience and goals.

With all those configurable features provided by AACT, many clubs will be satisfied with use of these tools as the complete solution for their club requirements.

About The Service

AACT is a Cloud-based Web App

SBR Clubs is a cloud-based service. There is nothing to download, it is a web-based app meaning it is used within a browser of your computer or mobile device. One doesn't need to find an app in an app store and download it to their smartphone. SBR Clubs software is resident on a professional website hosting service having very high uptime and that includes nightly backups stored on an off-location server.

All SBR Clubs software is also maintained on a local single-fault tolerant network-attached server. And if that weren't enough, all software is real-time uploaded from that server to


Going forward, SBRcloud™ will be introduced to be the data storage facility for your content and site-defining "structure controls" that club officials prescribe by filling out plain-English forms.

Club Site's Public and Private Regions

Regardless of the form, the club information must be viewable without requiring signing up for an account or signing in to the site. And also provide, in addition to the site's public region, a password-protected private region for members for information only club members are allowed to view or use.

Clubs, Associations, Groups, Activities

All the special interest organizations are operated by residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch for the benefit of all our residents wishing to join. Organizations variously refer to themselves as "associations", "groups" and "activities" in addition to "clubs". There is no practical distinction among these organizations. For purposes of this website, the term "clubs" is used to refer to all such organizations.

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